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The mod many have wanted, the mod for killing floor that allows you feel the anguish a fleshpound feels. THE MOD THAT LETS YOU BECOME A SPECIMEN OF THE DADDY (PATRIARCH). Try it out have glorious fun! Killing Floor Forever!

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Patriarch has two fire modes while the rest have only one.

This mod will work so well with Perks if only Tripwire allowed it on whitelist.

More news on that later.


Specimenation allows you to either be a human soldier or be a specimen helping rid the world
of sane human beings!



Have you and 12 other players enter server. Ready up! and choose your team!

If you want to change team you can only if it will balance teams.

the game automatically balances teams if their is too many on one side so if you want to be a specimen
first come first served!.

During Wave over you'll have to be a worthless awesome clot until wave starts, but this doesn't stop you from creating
Trader chaos!

The Patriarch is randomly chosen by a controller.


I am The Blackcheetah I did this, do what you want with it and anything I make.


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