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Gives a quick peek into the newly added low level special attacks that are available to player character's during combat.

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Combat: Special Attacks

There will be several different options for players to use outside of the "normal" attack/cast available to them. One of these will be the "special attacks". These are only available to certain characters under certain conditions and most will "reset" upon being used each time.

This past week I've wrapped up the first 6 special attacks, one for each character currently available. These will likely be made available to the player around level 3-5. These will scale up as you get higher level so should (in theory) never be "left behind".

Here's a quick peek at the current 6 special attacks along with a small GIF showing each one in action.

Flurry of Ice Arrows

This battle has gone on too long; it's time to turn the tables!
Unleash a flurry of ice arrows upon all remaining enemies at 150% base damage!
Available every 10 attacks (hit or miss).

Flurry of Ice Arrows


You've become sick and tired of being hit in the face all the time.
Any enemy that attacks you will allows you to immediately retaliate (out of turn) doing a 150% base damage, teaching them a lesson! Available after being hit 5 times by any enemy.
Lasts for 2 turns when activated.


Strengthen the Weak

Your friends seem to be struggling to kill your enemies.
Among all your friends, if they miss more than 5 times you will automatically (out of turn) assist each of them in their next attack doubling up the chance of that enemy taking damage!
Lasts only until your next turn is available.

Strengthen The Weak

Mana Theif!

You've wasted all your mana, now what? Oh, I know! Let's steal some from an ally and use theirs!
Steals 25% of an ally's remaining mana and gives them to yourself.
Activates when your own mana is less than 10% remaining.

Mana Theif

Precision Strike

You have the ability to study your enemy in greater detail allowing you to know exactly when and where to hit them to make things count.
After missing any enemy more than twice, you are then able to do this special attack for an additional 50% of your base damage that will always hit!

Precision Strike

Critical Surge

The more you give your enemies a good beating, the more you learn about their defenses.
For the next 3 turns, your critical chance will be increased by an additional 25% each turn!
Available after critically hitting any of your enemies 3 times during the battle.

Critical Surge

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