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Development this month has been slow XD With school, pending artwork and lots of headaches I managed to fix lots of bugs.

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I know, i know. Development has been really slow this month. But that is part of making a game, there are times when it happens. Im still giving my best on destiny though :D! Lets start!

This update is focused on stability. The map editor was filled with bugs, aswell as player movement and tile detection. That has been all fixed XD Ive been having lots of problems handling collisions on some pokemon. Vaporeon has a pretty big sprite, and sometimes doesnt fit in a one block hallway. Running is a little buggy at the moment, however I aim to fix that in a later update.

Map editor

I focused on the map editor because this will be the main tool used to make the maps. Right now its unstable, hard to use and confusing. I will add a little help button to display what shortcuts are available and what tools it has to offer :D When exporting a map, it also exports a simple image that represents it.

Map editor

When placing a spawnpoint/solid entity, the color of the tile will change. This is only visible in the map editor, and can be turned off XD! This was definitely necessary since it was a pain to locate solid tiles in the past. It looks a little odd, I know. I plan on enhancing it later in the future :D The minimap will not draw special colors for tiles.

Map editor

And now, when you export the map a nice image will be created to let you know how well it looks. Some of the tiles are white due to the foreground entities added XD I dont plan on changing this. Images created are transparent. However, the tiles are not. These images will be displayed on the loading screen in server lobby. Just so players can plan some strategies and see the enemy blindspots :D

Map editor

The map editor can now store selections, so you can move entities around the map. Im still working on this, so Its pretty sluggish at the moment. Commands are also planned for the map editor for those who want more controll in their workspace. Shouldnt be too hard to add a nice little console on the side :D!!

Plugin support for servers:

Why not? Some players like to have more customization so the server stands out among others. Im sure other developers will use the destiny api well :D This is still planned, however Im not sure when it will be added to the game. It will not be implemented in the first version of destiny.

Will it be easy to use?:
Yes, it wont be hard at all! Sending a message to a player will be as easy as:

Player player = Server.getPlayer("ThisDude");
player.sendMessage("This plugin just sent you a message!");

I plan on adding more tools so developers can get more creative ingame :D
A gui handler will also be added, so you can add as many buttons/bars/textbars as you want.
Event listeners will also be available to the developer! Such as playermovement/attack/action/type event/ect.

That will be all for now! Lets see where all of this takes me :D
By the way, the artwork is still a problem and the request still stands to anyone that wants to help!!
Thank you in advance <3




I have a message for the current watchers/future watchers.
As you all know, Im the only one making this game. I do the music, programming and little art.
The problem here is the artwork. I lack the ability to create more spritesheets for the game, and I cannot seem to find them anywere on the web.

Do you want to help with the development of the game?
Feel free to comment! I´ll take anyone in consideration :D!!
Now, what would be your job? Here is what I currently need!

  • Sprites for water attacks
  • Sprites for grass attacks
  • Sprites for lightning attacks

If you need a list of the attacks, I will gladly send them to you.
Anyone that helps with the artwork, will get a special skin for their pokemon ingame :D!
Thanks to everyone in advance!


Can't wait for the open beta or alpha looks real good as it is

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