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The nation of Spain was very unstable following the Latin Wars for Independence, and many revolts took place. The Revolution of Christianos dragged Spain into another war, and in the end, Los Christianos was given independence, but there was still tension between the two nations. After Spain joined the Central Powers in World War One, Los Christianos was given land and the east of Spain was liberated, resulting in the nation of Aragon.

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When war starts in your own country, both sides are determined to win, but when the nation is totally unstable, a status quo must be chosen to keep what little stability is left.

Like many, Spain attempted to regain territory lost from old wars. Yet, there is always a chance to losing even more land, which is what happened for those in the Central Powers (including Spain), and the Triple Entente's plans for the losers of the Great War only created more tension and aggression in the nations that lost.

The two newly independent nations in the Iberian peninsula could be a reason for peace, or it could be a reason for war, with the latter seeming more likely, especially in the era of the Nazi Regime, where the entire planet is unstable.

Will you lead the peninsula to peace, will you unite the nations in Iberia, or, will you wager war against your neighbours in an attempt of regional supremacy?

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