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SpaceSys development update, current status and early alpha release date.

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Hello ppl,

We have been working on a lot of things for the last couple of months and we have gone underground so to say, keeping our mouths shut and working our buts off.. We were determined to give you a full working - bug free - completely usable Spacesys UI.

We have done it!
Not to the extent we hoped for, but, we will get there soon..

What we still need to implement until alpha version:

-Replacing generic SpaceSys icons that you place in the world with the 3D ones that we made, (that proved to be a bit of a challenge).
-Second thing is creating context menu inside 3D environment (3D context menu) and a 3D taskbar, those functions will be implemented next and with that we will come to an alpha.

Before we push out our current build we will try to add one more way to control SpaceSys with using just mouse without keyboard navigation, as same as you would in Windows and you will be able to switch between control modes seamlessly.

We will release the early alpha on Oculus rift web site - Oculus share, we are also working on steam early access but for that we need more votes here ;)
Also we will upload it to our server and send the links out to our supporters.

Here is a list of what we implemented in last four months:
(we skipped the obvious things)

Creating and moving spaces,
Creating and moving icons in the world,
Icon saving inside 3D environment.
Spaces saving inside 3D environment.
Optimized and updated graphics and sound,
2 new worlds, one in space, and a saloon type world, where you have a model that you will be able to change for yourselves soon.
Drag and drop icons to world
1000 3D icons of the most used applications and known file types (not that you will see them all in first release)
Minimizing SpaceSys to background if other 3D full screen app is working
Full Oculus rift support.
Configuration app is also updated with numerous features.
Various small fixes and tweaks

This is just an update on our current status, not detailed info, so if there is something you want to ask or add please do. There will be an official update log once we release and you will find more there.

Our early alpha release date is 10.02.2014, wish us luck!

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