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Hello again =) This week, I was creating the modification manager and software for modifications uploading to the Steam Workshop.

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I really wanted to have time to finish the preparations for the Steam Workshop this week, but as it often happens with what's new for us, the development of a tool for loading mods into the Workshop has taken some time. Initially, I was afraid that the development might be delayed due to the fact that SteamAPI was unknown to me, but I was mistaken - most of the time it takes to implement functions that provide convenience in describing the modification and its publication =) Nevertheless, I finished the prototype, which it’s mostly functional - until, however, it sends modifications to Steam, but I will fix this trifle next week. There were no difficulties on the way. Everything is pretty prosaic.

Here you can see how does this modification upload tool works

In addition to preparing for the workshop, I developed a modification manager. With it, you can load any mod, either fully or partially, for example, if you like only a character from a mod, or some kind of enemy. There were some difficulties with the manager’s implementation, but they mainly related to the imperfection of the Unitys UI system - it is simply bad. Most of the controls had to be created by myself. In addition, me as the interface designer is the same as the artist - very mediocre: D

And here is the work of the Modification Manager in all its glory with three different use cases

What exactly has been done, point by point, can always be seen on the board in Trello; although I didn’t mention every little thing there, I think because both the manager and the workshop tool are such integral mini-programs - it’s much easier to keep a few big tasks in mind than to keep breaking them down into even smaller subtasks.

There is still little, possibly unpleasant news for someone, I don’t know. I'll raise the price of the game. There are, currently, not much purchases, so if they become less (less than zero: D), it won’t become worse. Why did I decide to do this? It is believed that people, the community of modders that will help be interested in the game modding, live in a higher price category. In addition, the features of mod-building, which I have already implemented and continue to implement, are not found in every game, even more expensive in production. Therefore, I warn you that on the day the update is released with the Steam Workshop and the mod manager (supposedly 19.02), the price will be increased. And if you could not decide to buy the game or not, now is the time to support me at a lower price. And if you are inspired by this project in the same way as I do, you can always make at least a small modification and/or support me on Patreon.

That's all. Until next week!

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