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On the week I've revealed the Demo, and started the mod support development.

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Hello there!

This week was as hard as a piece of rock! First three days I was polishing and finishing some things to finally reveal the Demo. And this small miracle has been done. You can download the demo from IndieDB(Windows and Linux) and itch.io for now, and, it seems to me, that in two weeks there will be a demo on Steam platform. Generally in these three days there was nothing interesting, cause I was finally connecting things together and clearing code from gags, except the moment, when I was creating the Linux build. For some reasons it seems to work not with all Linux cores, or distros. In nearest future I will learn this question and find out, if I can create stable build, that would be working on most distros without lags even on built-in graphics cards.

But everything has changed, when the Demo was finished and I’ve started to work on the mod support. Here is where the true fun starts. I’ve found out, that the best way creating mod support for a game created with Unity is to add Asset Bundles loading from code. But, my code was not ready enough to support such technology… So I’ve started to recreate the game’s architecture (yeah, this happens sometimes). But it has some positive points – cause of new architecture anyone will be able to create new characters, guns, items, or whole game modes, i.e. your mod can be global (game mode), or local (new character, or hero’s class). And with game there will be a base Unity project, that will be, in fact, another game made of free assets (maybe), though it would be very simple game.

This is how the game feels and looks right now

So, what was done this week:

  • I’ve connected the new HUD view with logic, so now you can see what kind of skill does your hero have, what alternate fire your gun has, and what active items you currently have;

  • I’ve changed the machinegun alternate fire feel (grenade launcher), so you can see now, that grenades are powerful and loud;

  • I’ve added a recoil for guns’ fire, so now your hero will have some troubles, while walking and firing the same time. Though, if you try to jump and fire downward, you’ll be able to climb higher and hang in the air for a longer time;

  • I’ve created new flames animation (though it is still feels not very good);

  • I’ve added different sounds for different gun types;

  • I’ve finally added a possibility to choose not only the warriors class, but any class from the game;

  • I’ve also added a possibility to upgrade not only strength and vitality, but dexterity and intelligence;

  • I’ve added more items to shop, so you currently can buy there any gun, ammo type, active and passive items (though there is only one passive item in the game right now);

  • I’ve prepared the Demo and published it in several places;

  • I’ve started to create the basic Unity project, that will be base for any new mod in future. After this project is ready, I’ll be able to test out how does the mod support works and if it is ready for release.


That’s all for these week. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to add the game to your wishlists (it will help me so much).

Until next week!

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