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After one year in Early Access and with very positive reviews, Space Scavenger is releasing on Nintendo Switch and leaving Early Access on Steam!

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We did it.

It's been a 5 year journey, from learning to use Unity in 2016, finding an idea that was kind of fun, going to 2 Gamescom events in 2018 and 2019 to gather feedback, releasing in Early Access in 2020 and now finally leaving Early Access and releasing on Nintendo Switch!

The game now has several modes, Normal, Hard, Swarm, Daily Challenge and Hangar mode, 4 unique Sectors with unique planets, enemies and environmental hazards. Over 60 ship modules. We added a bit of non-gameplay related meta progression in the form of ship Skins and Models to customize your ship and show it off on the Scoreboard!


For a team of 2 developers with full time jobs I'm very happy with the results and while the 5 year time frame is very long it's also understandable and I'm happy we took the time to get to this point instead of calling it at 2 or 3 years.


We want to thank everyone who supported us and shared feedback before and during our Early Access on Steam! A lot of the features added has been because of feedback from players. One example is ship customization, it always felt like there was something else that was more important to add or fix, but finally I got the suggestion for the 10th time and said "Well, f*** it!" and just got to work on it. One of the best decisions I've made in Early Access, it adds so much to be able to have that small progression so that even after a ship blows up and you lost, there is some progress towards that cool new skin you want.


But let's not get too long-winded I'll save that for a postmortem. Thank you to everyone who followed our journey to this point. We will keep supporting the game but for now we just want to celebrate the Nintendo Switch release!

Get the game, it's €12.99 on all platforms!
Nintendo Switch

Thank you again, stay healthy, keep gaming, see you next time!
Red Cabin Games

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