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More power to the forward shield, increase to ramming speed and brace for impact! In this post, we are going to take a look at how your Navy can master the void!

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In Aries ship, actions are epic affairs that see massive warships engage in combat over the immeasurable distances of space. All starships in Aries carry a variety of weapon turrets and making sure they have good arcs of fire will be essential if you hope to assert dominance over the stars. Most ships have limited weapons to there rear as the engines take up so much room, this also means that they have weaker armour on the rear. If you can outflank the enemy and bring your guns to bear from behind, you will gain a significant advantage, especially against a larger target.


There are many classes of ship in Aries from fast-moving corvettes, to Carries and Capital ships the size of cities. While bigger means more firepower and armour, it comes with drawbacks such as reduced speed and manoeuvrability. A skilled commander may well be able to take on a much larger ship if they use there speed to outflank them.


Several vessels come with useful skills such as stealth Cruisers, EMPs, and the fighter boomers of the mighty Carries. A Carriers ability to deploy fighter boomers makes it a deadly opponent, while Cruisers may have the edge over a carrier with there manoeuvrability they might never get close enough is swarmed with brave boomer pilots.


Limits of the Navy
A mighty Navy may strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, but it has its limits. If you control the space between stars, you can prevent an enemy from ever landing in your system by destroying them in the void! But for all of the Navy's might, you will need a land army to capitalise on it and take systems from your enemies.


We are currently in the process of running an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund Aries, and we would really appreciate your help and support.


WOW ! I like it ! Good lights.

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