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I'm pretending to start a Submod from the mods that I enjoyed the most, L'Aigle and Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth. This won't be really historical, but pretending to have fun and challenging gameplay mixing conventional and unconventional warfare based in the British Invasion of Java 1811. I personally give thanks to everyone who everyone that worked in such amazing mods (L'Aigle, napoelonic wars and Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth)

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I beg for the help of everyone who mainly knows how to add items from mod to mod, also we can chat about a major overhaul Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth base.

Contact me throug here, please.

As our very first steps we have:

-Adding the weaponry from L'Aigle mod

-Adding part of the uniforms from L'Aigle mod

-Adding par of the mounts from L'Aigle mod

-Adding or editing the faces just to take a look for the georgian era fashion for the british expeditionary force and also the french and dutch

-Editing the factions from Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth so we could have (Of course modificable):
1.British East India Company in Bengal, Manipur and Malacca.
2.Franco-Dutch colonies (To be renamed).
3.Rattanakosin Kingdom in Siam.
4.Kingdom of Konbaung in Burma.
5.Qing Dynasty in South China.
6.Kingdom of Champasak.
7.Kingdom of Cambodiai.
10.Johor Sultanate

-Adding troops balancing of course the european ones with the native style ones(Like making Europeans have excellent firepower and acces not just muskets, also rifles) but being way more expensive than natives that must be decent.

-Edit dates.

-Edit characters.

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