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The source code for the mod has now been uploaded.

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Hello all,

The source code for this mod is now available under files; but I must warn that it is unfortunately way below the standard I had been hoping for. I promised a LONG time ago to do this and I probably should have just released what I had at that time when the mod was fairly stable, but I told myself I should at least go through and add comments throughout to explain how it all worked. That was how it started. As I went through adding comments, I realised a lot of the code was poorly designed and decided that I should make improvements while I was at it. They were small at first, but quickly snowballed out of control as I ended up overhauling almost the entire mod. That would have been fine if it worked; but the more I changed my code, the more bugs I introduced and eventually I was spending every hour just trying to fix those bugs to no avail, before I lost all motivation and gave up entirely.

I learned a lot of things the hard way during this project, one of which was the importance of version control. When I overhauled everything and ended up with a mod that wasn't in working condition any longer, I realised too late that I probably should have saved what I had before I started that whole process. There are thus 2 versions of the source available in the zip up for donwload; an older version that is more stable and the more recent overhauled code that isn't really in proper working condition. The older code is older than it should be, since I didn't save what I had frequently enough.

So that's my explanation of everything that's happened. What I've put up is something I'm really not proud of; but it was that or never release anything and that really wouldn't be fair to you guys. I hope you can still manage to salvage what's there and get it working in your own mods. Best of luck to all of you and thanks to everybody for being so supportive and immensely patient.


I'm sorry to hear that. If I may ask, to be precise, what's the difference between older code and the unstable overhauled code?

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