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SoulSet's Prologue Demo 2.1 is now available! Enjoy a new trailer and an updated Itch.io site!

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Here's our Development Progress for September!

This month's update comes a little earlier than usual. We have things and news to share with you that we figured we didn't want to wait with anymore.

Most important of all, we need to address our release date. SoulSet had a tentative release date set for September, but as it stands, it is highly unlikely that we'll be able to make it happen till the end of this month. At the moment of writing, we have around 70% of the whole script and coding done (a few of our friends are beta-testing a 'bad route' build as we speak) and everything else is done at around 90%. The goal is closer with every single day.

However, instead of giving keywords such as "late October" or "early November," we will simply move SoulSet's release date to Q4 2016. We will continue working hard, and once we're finally ready, we will let you know!
We are sorry for the delay and hope for your understanding.

Now, onto more cheerful things! We've come a long way during these ~15 months of development. Looking back at our demo, we figured it's horribly outdated by now. As of today, we're making an updated "Prologue Demo 2.1" of SoulSet available, along with an updated Itch.io site!

The most notable changes in the demo include:
- a new, custom GUI
- change of narrative (from 3rd to 1st person)
- modifications/cuts of some dialogues and descriptions
- re-drawing and addition of backgrounds
- re-drawing and addition of icons
- fixed and modified character sprites

The overall plot and atmosphere stays the same, so if you've played the old demo, there are no surprises in that regard. The new demo simply shows what you can expect of the full version of the game more adequately than the old one did.

If you clicked the link, you probably also noticed some major changes in our descriptions. We can finally make it official: Feathor is now also a romance option in the game. But that still doesn't add up to 7 characters, does it? Hmm...

We shall end this update with more exciting news. We also have a new trailer to show you, courtesy of @Amy_oai!

We hope you enjoy it!

Steam's Store page will be put up closer to our release date.

Thank you for sticking around, guys! You'll hear from us sometime soon again!

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