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SoulSet’s script is now 100% done! More about our ending count and release date.

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Hi, guys! I bring you some good news with this month’s update.

SoulSet’s script is now 100% done! Some re-reading and possible editing should still be in order, but the biggest chunk of work is finally complete! Woo!

Some of you probably remember how we promised that SoulSet will have over 10 possible endings when we released our first demo. That number rose to 15 when we released our updated version a little over than a month ago.

Well, now I can make it official. You guys are in for a treat, because the full version of SoulSet is going to have over 20 possible endings!

Did I overdo it? I probably did… I regret nothing.

Now, let’s talk some more about our release date. It took me around 3 days to code a single bad route into the game. Considering the ‘True Routes’ are a tad longer and there’s basically 7 of them… That should make it around 3 weeks to code. We still need to get the necessary paperwork done, get our Steam Store page ready, implement achievements into the game, and do a bit of testing before we can finally release the game to the public, of course. But if everything goes well, we are going to release SoulSet in the month of November. We will do our very best to make that happen! And we will keep you updated, of course.

I will also give you guys a more definitive word count as far as the script goes once I implement it into the game. It seems that the doc files I work in give different numbers than Ren'Py does, and considering Ren'Py lowers them down, I will consider those numbers the 'true’ ones.

Take care and see you around, guys!

- Nayru

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