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Soullings - a village building and crafting game about Gods - we are revamping parts of the game features (for better) and we will share more information about details.

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Hey everyone,

We are revamping part of our game features because we thought the game was getting too complicated (for the player). Now it is even more fun than before. In this article, I want to tell you more about the details we discussed in the last article, which I told you about the job system. Also, our Game Pitch and Game Doc is fully finished with all required changes and we may have some news soon (we will not stop giving you news, for now this is our first and only channel with a community).

Random Nature and Special Places

[New nature elements and generation]

Each time you start a game, the nature and some "special places" (mainly used for the quest system) are random generated by the game. It is even possible for us, in the future, to add terrain procedural generation. But we think we need to give more details on the maps, instead of just randomizing everything (you will also have different maps to play). All flora and fauna of the game is also random generated, giving you some different fresh start. Particles, small creatures, sound effects and starting details are carefully created for you to have a nice game experience every time (and yes, this is already working in our demo).

Nature and Vegetation Reworked

[Building system reworked also to be more beautiful and easier]

We have created again part of our nature, vegetation and "raw materials" to work better with the new nature system. It is now more optimized, more beautiful and even more variations. We are currently testing with different PC specs to see how the performance is really impacted when we have around 50 Lings, a few Buildings, plantations and more (also, soon we will discuss again all the jobs your Lings can have). Below you can see a small part of the nature objects that will be created.

Original Soundtrack

[All icons are placeholders and some of the assets too]

Our first original soundtracks are finished. We are working with an amazing artist called "Bettina Calmon", her skills are really good and she created already two amazing musics for our game. We want to share this with you as soon as possible =)

Game features

And now, we will reveal the current (planned) game features. This may change a little bit depending on the Publisher we are signing to:

  • Real time city-building strategy mixed with god-like elements.
  • Unique art style and detailed characters behaviors.
  • Different types of weather (including hard cold days - snow).
  • Manage your energy to create Soullings or use magic powers.
  • Soullings have feelings, traits, need food, shelter and can die for good.
  • They can get sick, have diseases and die if you don’t take care of them.
  • Set jobs, make them craft items and build their village.
  • Make them study and learn, boosting your energy, discovering new recipes and magic.
  • Receive quests from your Lings or other Gods. Complete it for happiness and research.
  • Make them happy and evolve them to receive more energy.
  • Build a village with houses, shops, libraries, warehouses, plantations and animal corrals.
  • Choose between different lands at the start (more mountains, more open areas?)
  • Random nature generation (you can choose before start, which will also tell your difficulty).
  • Harvest, craft and use dozens of different types of items and objects (more than 100 items).
  • Plan each building the way you want to, with furnitures, decorations, treasure and more.
  • Your Lings will interact with the objects (watch them living).
  • Set up traps and defense points, they can do high damage against other creatures.
  • Set up guard routes and protect your village from invaders and thieves.
  • Send explorers to discover new recipes (it will generate books), receive rewards and quests.
  • Meet other gods and decide if you will be friendly when they come to your lands… or not.
  • Up to three Gods, each one with three different types of creatures.
  • More than 15 Quests (divided in three categories).
  • Choose a physical form to you as a new god when your village becomes bigger and happier.
  • No blood, no real violence besides simple combat, but great particle effects.
  • An outstanding soundtrack.

[A new stress test with the new systems]

I hope you like our "revealing" news, we hope to show even more about the game really soon.


T4 Team


Looks Cool!!

Any alpha build or EA release date ?

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t4interactive Author

Glad that you liked it.
We are currently negotiating with a few Publishers, so we don't know yet. We have a good demo at the moment, but the game still has a long road to go. We don't really like early access, because we want to deliver something already good to players. But the community will be able to follow everything from here ;)

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Nice looking forward for more.

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t4interactive Author

Every week we will create a new article ;)

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Already following the game. Keep up the good work :)

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