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After 4 long years of development, Soulash is entering the next stage by getting a new graphics mod and a Kickstarter campaign to push it above and beyond.

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How quickly time flies. Just 2 years ago, we've had a release of the first Alpha version 0.2 of Soulash to present our concept for the game, a traditional roguelike with an open world, about being a god that wants to destroy everything.

Since then, we've added many features like a dynamic weather system, dialogues, artifacts, modding editors for entities, maps, and animations, more races and professions, new areas to explore, destructible terrain, and more. Now we're working on a new, alternative graphics mod that will allow more players, that don't necessarily like to play as ASCII characters, to enjoy their adventure toward total world domination.

Just recently we've announced Soulash Kickstarter campaign that will start 04.05.2021 and last for 21 days until 25.05.2021. Make sure to check it out, as it's a good opportunity to get the game cheaper if you make it as an early bird! For that occasion, we've prepared a trailer showcasing the new look of Soulash.

Our goal is to gather additional funds that will allow us to improve Soulash further, add extra animations for the entities like campfires, or NPCs and make the world feel even more alive. But we didn't stop there. We've added extra tiers and stretch goals that will enable players to directly tell us what they want to see in the game - your own race, profession, ability, miniboss, or even a location designed by you, we will make it. With enough interest, we also plan to add big features often requested over the years, like building to allow us to create our palaces, temples, and dungeons where we will reside and rule from. AI servants that will do our bidding, as it's totally beneath us to craft or gather resources. Or even a sandbox mode, where the whole world will be fully procedurally generated with different factions that you can manipulate and engage in other ways than combat. All of this is within reach with your help!

You can help us out by going to the Soulash Kickstarter page - any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Soulash is scheduled to be released in stable version 1.0 on Steam and Itch in 2022.

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