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I'm very proud to finally present to you everything I worked for the past 27 months. A whopping 3000 hours went into this project, but that's just the second major step on the route to make a fantastic game.

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You can purchase the alpha or try a free demo here: Wizardsofthecode.itch.io

Whew, it was a very intense week to catch all the bugs and crashes from the demo. I'm very proud to finally present to you everything I worked for the past 27 months. A whopping 3000 hours went into this project, but that's just the second major step on the route to make a fantastic game. Growing it from a simple @ moving on the screen was a gratifying experience in itself.

I decided to include all the unfinished professions that have the first 5 - 6 abilities implemented and mark them in the character creation screen. It's fun to have options, and it will help replayability. Because of how progression works in Soulash, you will be able to choose from all skills for your new level so apart from the starting ability, these professions would be available even if disabled. New skills will be added to the game gradually.

Soulash is far from done, but it's playable. It has been tagged as alpha, because it's in a very development heavy state, with a constant stream of new features expected. In this state, you can expect bugs, crashes, and performance issues, but I'll do my best to resolve them as quickly as I can. I have very ambitious plans to take Soulash much further in the coming years, and I hope you decide to join me on the journey toward building a massive world ready for complete annihilation.

The demo version has also been updated, and excluding content, it will be kept on par with the full version, so it will always be possible to preview what has changed in the game if you feel it's too soon to support the project financially. But if you like the game and where it is going, consider purchasing the alpha, you will receive free updates up to the final release. There is only so much I can do alone on top of a full-time job, your support will help me grow the team and bring you even more bang for your buck.

Thank you all for taking an interest in the game and especially to all the demo players, their fabulous reception and support. You completely exceeded my expectations.

And last but not least, the changelog for this version:

- Over 100 new region maps.
- Over 50 new abilities.
- 5 new professions with skills up to level 5 (can progress with abilities from other professions above that).
- Very rare quality magic item affixes.
- Fishing tutorial.
- New fishing rod attack animation.
- New message in the console after new game start, describing how to move.
- Information about how many skills are available in the current game version for every profession on the character selection screen.
- New slider for enemy health bars when they reach the limit for the screen.

- Changed font sizes in some places.
- Tooltips of resource bars now have colored names of the bars to make it easier to identify what the bars mean.
- Improved overall performance.

- Improved stability of region maps reloading.
- Fixed duplicating items when wielding two-handed weapons that caused crashing.
- Fixed music transition when moving to and from the main menu screen.
- Action icons now fit into the circle in the progress bar.
- Clearing message log when starting a new game.
- Human fisherman will no longer throw fishing rod at you (unless you make him very mad).
- Fixed poacher sense life ability.
- Chasm is now collidable.
- Elven wardancers will no longer hit themselves while performing blade dance.
- Cleaned up unused assets reducing game size.
- Fixed bugs related to infinite stamina/fatigue bar.
- Enemy characters will drop excess time accumulated from time progression of player actions. This fix will prevent multiple attacks done when a player character sleeps, for example.
- Fixed two statistics tooltips displayed at the same time in the equipment screen.
- Fixed error when new recipes didn't show up on the crafting screen.
- Sleeping now breaks on movement.
- The skirt doesn't look like a belt anymore.
- Blocked actions on the death screen.
- Blocked starting game without selecting profession and race.


Nice 100 maps and abilities added!

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