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Back on track and checking off the to do list! Enemy cast times and spell delays added today.

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Soul Saga Behemoth Prowling In The Grass


It sure feels good to be back on track! I was able to cross off everything that I wanted to get done today. Projectile skills now have casting times for enemies, causing a delay in their attack; there is a casting bar below the enemies to show this delay; and AoE skills show a "warning" graphic on the ground for half a second before the AoE gets off.

These changes make Soul Saga much more fun since you have a chance to react to your opponent's skills to block, dodge, or interrupt them.


Next I will polish up the casting delays by having the AI shoot the projectile in the direction of the player if they have moved. I will then start working on the active dodge mechanic.

Day 52
( 2013/03/21 Th )
15 hrs. Today ( 503 Total)

  • Backend
    • Cleaned up code in various places.
    • Fixed several memory leaks in the particle pooling system, most caused by the previous upgrade to Unity 4.1.
    • Started implementing more code in preparation of the options menu related to sound.
    • Started changing the pooling system to remove certain classes from the central manager and instead have these specific classes deal with their own pooling.
  • Project Management
    • Gave feedback on illustration drafts received this morning.
    • Communicated with potential animators.
    • Got response from NGUI developer that he will look at the problem after GDC.
  • Public Relations
    • Posted replies on IndieDB and Facebook.
    • Posted some helpful replies on Unity Answers to other developers.
  • Skills
    • Added particle and sound effect to the skill enhance passive skill.
    • When enemies cast an AoE skill, a "warning" rune is displayed on the ground for half a second, and then the skill is triggered.
    • Fixed a bug where AoE skills were not increasing their damage from the passive skill "Skill" Enhance".
  • Sound
    • Sound effects are now all 3D.

      • This means that sounds get softer the further they are from the player's character.
  • User Interface
    • Skill Icons representing skills with counters will now show the remaining counters until activation similar to a time based cooldown.
    • Fixed some graphical bugs related to previously updating NGUI.

Sounds like you got a good bit of work done today. Keep it up. "the sound effects are now all 3D" - nice. :)

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Disastercake Author

Thank you! I'll keep plugging away today. =D

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