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Today I implemented the passive skill and buff system into Soul Saga!

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Soul Saga Chest And Health Orb


Today I got the passive skills and buffs working! This took quit the brainstorming to implement it properly into Soul Saga. It's securely fastened in and I have also added a skill with it. The skill increases the damage of the next spell after X skill casts. X is a random number between 3 and 6, which is chosen on the spells initial creation. The damage is also randomly generated, and increases in total depending on how many skills are in between each proc (a proc is when a passive skill activates). I also started making use of the new Soul Saga font that was delivered today... if you couldn't tell already =P.


Tomorrow I will be shooting the rest of the video for the Soul Saga Kickstarter for a length of the day. When I get home I will add visual and sound effects to the passive skill I added today. If I have time remaining I will also add another passive skill.

Day 48
( 2013/03/17 Sun )
13 hrs. Today ( 469 Total)

  • Backend
    • Cleaned up code in various places.
    • Finished designing and implementing the buff system.
  • Environment
    • Changed the colors of the trees in the forest level to be more realistic.
  • Input
    • The default key bindings for skill casting have been changed to Q, W, E, R, D, F (from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
    • The player can now hold the mouse button to continuously move to the target location. This allows updating move commands to be smooth.
      • Previously the player was required to release the mouse button and click again to choose the next spot.
  • Project Management
    • Worked with concept artist (Zahra) to create reference work of the Soul Saga world for another studio.
    • Communicated with art studio (Robekka) regarding creating concept art that helps depict the Soul Saga world, Oterra, and icons, and concept illustrations.
    • Received Custom Soul Saga Font.
    • Communicated with potential animators regarding needs for Soul Saga’s art style.
  • Public Relations
    • Posted several replies on IndieDB.
    • Finally finished the two week long e-mail interview with Craig Stern from indierpgs.com
  • Skills
    • Implemented the first passive skill: Skill Enhancement (with skill use counters)!
      • After a variable amount of skill uses, the next offensive skill will deal bonus damage. The amount of uses and the damage are randomized and scaled based on various data.
  • Website
    • Created “Summary” and “Next” images for use in Soul Saga Dev Diaries.
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