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Soul Saga Dev Diary 39 - Lots of new skills, health orbs, a little balancing, and several other goodies.

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Soul Saga Group Of Dungeon Bandits

Today was a good day for Soul Saga! I implemented a few skills, started getting the game balanced, added experience points, implemented health orbs, and several other neat things! The coolest of the skills today was the teleport named "Blink". This skill instantly teleports the caster to the specified location and then deals damage to the surrounding enemies after they appear. The skill shot's explosion now deals AoE damage at the impact location. Skill shots also now have a chance to be piercing when the skill is created, which means the projectile will go through all enemies it contacts, dealing damage to each one.

My friend Nozomi created an outfit for the dungeon bandits using the customization system, the results of which can be seen in the above picture. This shows off the power of Soul Saga's character customization system when taken through a procedural content generator. At the moment the Bandits' hair style, hair color, eye color, and hat are random, but their base outfit remains the same between them to show some unity. This is just touching on the simplistics of procedural generation in Soul Saga. Once more of the base game is laid out, I will be implementing more algorithms and possibilities for things like this so that the bandits have even more differences, but maintain a sense of uniformity.

Tomorrow I will actually start to work on making the dungeon look better. If I have time afterwards I will start implementing the debuff system.

Day 39 (2013/03/08 Fr)

13.5 hrs. Today ( 359.25 Total)

  • Actors
    • Implemented the random human outfitting generator.
    • Shopkeepers now have random aesthetics.
    • Player now starts with 2 randomized items.
    • Fixed a bug where the player would start the game with no health.
    • Fixed a bug where the player would not have their health restored after reviving.
    • Implemented experience.
      • Actors Level up when reaching 100 experience.
      • The amount of exp gained per enemy kill scales based on the difference between the player’s level and the enemy’s level.

  • Backend
    • Fixed a bug where actors weren’t being removed after they were no longer needed.

  • Dungeon
    • Human enemies can now spawn in a dungeon.
      • Currently added a basic soldier enemy which throws on armor.

    • Enemies spawn within a certain range of the character’s level.
    • Enemies spawn with the same amount of equipment as the player.

  • GUI
    • Added a health bar to bottom left hand corner of screen.
    • Added an experience bar to the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

  • Pick Ups
    • Implemented Health Orbs.
      • Added particle and sound effects to health orb collecting.

  • Project Management
    • Had friend (Nozomi) create an outfit for the Dungeon Bandits using Soul Saga's character customization system.

  • Public Relations
    • Replied to posts on Facebook and IndieDB.

  • Skills
    • Added a Blink Skill that allows the caster to teleport to the target location and deal damage to enemies in that area.
      • This gets scary when attached to enemies!

    • The Basic Skill Shot skill now deals AoE damage around the impact point.
    • The Basic Skill Shot now has a chance to be piercing, which means it does not explode on impact and deals damage to whatever it contacts while it is flying through the air.
    • Updated the tooltip generator for the Skill Shot to account for the piercing.

look amazing, When it begins the beta? or where i can download this awensome game!

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Disastercake Author

Thanks emmancha! The beta will be right after the Kickstarter that I plan to launch next month. There will be a certain backer tier that will allow you to get into the beta right away. =)

The beta testing tiers will be a great tier for people who want to help shape this game. Beta testers will be able to directly communicate what they want to see changed, and I will do my best to implement those changes. =)

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