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Today I worked for over 15 hours on Soul Saga in preparation to take a little time off tomorrow for my birthday!

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Soul Saga First AoE Skill

This morning I woke up at 7 A.M., sat down to work on Soul Saga, and before I knew that time was even passing I realized it was already midnight! This was a very productive day. I spent a lot of time adding a lot of polishing to different areas to help make the game more presentable. Some of the big changes are that there are now sound effects and music, monsters scale in size depending on their Health to Level ratio, the AoE skill is implemented, and the inventory menu is completely finished.

Soul Saga Behemoth Sizes

I implemented the stat allocation into the menu, which allows you to allocate a percentage of your total level to different stats. Your total level is your base level plus the sum of your item levels. This means that if a character is level 100, and has 10% Haste allocation, they will receive an extra 10 points of haste. This extra bonus is now reflected in Item Tooltips as a green number next to the item's base stat increases.

Soul Saga Tooltips Alpha

Tomorrow is my birthday! Well, it's technically been my birthday for 5 minutes now. I plan to take a little time away from Soul Saga for the day, but will still attempt to implement health bars before the night is over.

Day 34 (2013/03/03 Sun)
16.25 hrs. Today ( 324.25 Total )

  • Actors
    • Fixed an issue where items were not giving the proper health bonuses.
    • Implemented size scaling based on the ratio of Health to other stats the actor has.
      • Different races have different minimum and maximum ranges their sizes can be. Example: Humans can be 10% taller or smaller than average, Behemoths can be 40% smaller or bigger than average.
      • Because of this change, the average height of the Behemoth, Imp, and Gargoyle have been reduced.

  • Backend
    • Fixed an issue with the Messenger system that was causing lots of errors to get thrown around and prevent code execution in certain places.

  • Environments
    • Fixed an issue with the tile Dungeon - East where the player was spawning on top of an enemy.
    • Fixed an issue with the tile Dungeon - West where the player was spawning outside of the dungeon.

  • Game Design
    • Planned out the debuff system. Will release information on this after it is implemented.

  • GUI
    • The in-game HUD now has a small button on the bottom right hand corner that brings up the phone when clicked. Previously the only way was to press Esc.
    • The HUD (skills, menu button, etc) will now hide when the main menu is opened, then display again when it’s closed.
    • Fixed a bug where you could duplicate an item when right clicking while holding an item over an occupied inventory slot.
    • Adjusted the positioning of the character preview in the Dressing Room to be closer to the camera GUI.
    • Implemented character preview rotation in the Dressing Room.
    • Updated the Tooltip background to have a much darker shade so the text is easier to read.
    • Added explanation tooltips to the Health, Haste, and Power stat listings in the inventory.
    • Implemented a functional stat display in inventory.
    • Added name and level display to inventory.
    • Labeled the Equipment and Inventory sections of the inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where the item tooltip would remain after right clicking an item to equip it.
    • Added stat allocation points to the inventory.
      • Hovering over the percentages gives an informative tooltip on the game mechanic.

    • Modified stats now take total level into consideration instead of just base level.
    • Added the stat bonuses from stat allocations to the item tooltips.
    • Pimped out the item tooltips a little by adding some more colored text and formatting.

  • Music
    • Added some temporary stock music ( purchased from Luckylionstudios.com half a year ago) to the game.

  • Skills
    • Implemented an AoE skill that summons a pillar of water or fire, dealing damage to all enemies within its’ radius.

  • Sound Effects
    • Added sound effects to projectile casting and impact.
    • Added sound effect to AoE casting.
    • Added sound effect to basic attacks.

Happy Birthday! (Belated if I'm late) I wish you well in your pursuit of game developing!

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Disastercake Author

Thanks Aurelius! Hopefully I will have some good stuff to show you soon. =D

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Congrats man - to your nice project and to your B-day. Wish you some good year and tons of inspirations!

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Disastercake Author

Thanks CreativeStorm. =D I'm glad you like how the project is looking. It's made huge strides in the past month and I hope they can continue.

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