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What to take your champ to the next level , here how to do it

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Normally once your character gets to a set level it can evolve into the next predetermined form, but here at Dark Sprite Studios we feel this has been done before many times over, WE'RE TRYING SOMETHING NEW !!

In Soul Champs at any time you can take a quest to ascend your champ's soul and get access to the next form but here is the twist, after completing the quest you are faced with 8 different exit doors, each one will give you access to a different form allowing you to ascend into a different champ. So you may find a more powerful champ, a weaker one or even a special one and the choice is yours.

Do you pick the new form or stay with your old one and try again? The race is on to see who can find one of the champ’s master form.

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