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I accidentally pressed delete (using mobile) on this article as soon as it got authorized. This version of it may be a bit watered down compared to the original.

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Before you download this mod, Please read below!

I was 15 when I made this mod, and at the time I had neither the focus nor skill to continue to improve it. I was surprised that it worked in the first place. I was so exited when I made it that I went ahead and posted it, unfortunately without asking permission from the modders who's assets I had used, though I did leave credit at the time (I had not intended to post the mod when I started on it). Soon after the second update was posted I got distracted and eventually forgot about it altogether. A lot has been going on since then, with me being very busy taking high school and college simultaneously, and I eventually completely forgot that this mod existed. Well today I just happened upon it, and feel obligated to give a status update. I haven't been working on this mod since two years ago, and I don't plan on updating it anymore, especially since i'll be enlisting in the Marine Corps when school ends and probably won't have much time on my hands. I will be leaving it up in case I come back someday to play it or update it, but that is not currently my plan. It has a bug that crashes the game sometimes upon entering the marketplace, because of being unable to load a certain item which I never was able to identify. The mod is still playable if you avoid going into armory or weapon smith menus, but since I use those menus a lot in Mount and Blade, I consider the mod mostly broken and not worth playing in its current form. You can still play it, but don't expect more out of it than being an unpolished mod that crashes occasionally. If you haven't already, I encourage you to turn to better and more complete mods, such as Floris and The Last Days. They are two of my favorite mods and both of them expand vastly on Warband's vanilla experience.

TLDR: This mod is dead, incomplete, and has some bugs that cause crashing! You can still play it if your curious, but I wouldn't advise getting too involved in it.

To the modders whose assets I used: I am sorry that I did not ask for permission when I originally posted this mod. It was not out of any ill intent. If any of you ask me to, I will take it down.


Good luck and success at your future way!

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