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We may not have been posting anything here, but we sure have been working on stuff. Well... I guess I should say I've been working on things.

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Hey, I know I haven't updated our Mod DB page in a while... Ok, a rather long time... But I'm here again to post some updates and show we're still working on everything.

The first thing I would like to point out is the new MAIR-40. I redid the entire model in hope to get better crit out of it other than "It's too big," and "What were you thinking!? It's a huge box!" This new MAIR-40 rifle has been re sized and is now only a couple of inches longer than the Assault Rifle from Halo. Just in case no one really gave it much thought, the original model was about 4 feet long... which is quite the chore to be carrying around. The idea is still to have the MAIR seem like it's a heavy duty weapon, but to also be portable enough the common soldier can carry it. Other than that, really nothing has changed from the story behind the gun. Still fires high volocity magnetic rounds, the name is the same, things like that. But the model has gotten a really large overhaul. And so I give it to you... the new MAIR-40:

My next update would be on the Standard Issue Carbine, or the SIC-18. This was one of my first models I made to get on to the team. Some day when I feel brave enough I might post a picture of the first model to give everyone a good laugh. I can't really say much about this new model, not because it's a big secret, I just don't have much to say about it. I redid the old SIC-18 (seen in our image collection here on Mod DB) in to this. I think it turned out just right, but you guys need to let me know what you think. The barrel and the second piece holding the barrel, both retract in on each shot, they do this because the SIC-18 shoots a laser instead of your average bullet, so the barrel needs to cool much quicker. I think that's really the only huge change on the model other than redoing it... so here it is:

And so for right now that's it, expect some more updates soon, and I mean very soon. Updates to follow will include more detailed looks on the new Rhino, and the deadly 'Rhino's Horn'

As always, remember to visit us at: Oasis-games.com



Some serious poly counts on those... Great Stuff though. I especially like the new MAIR-40. The SIC-18, I have to say, seems very fat and just big in general - like... it's a carbine right? It just seems a bit big for one IMO. Tbh, when I first viewed the news post I though the MAIR-40 would be a carbine and the SIC-18 a... something else.

But hey, the designs look awesome and the models are great!

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BobtheGreatII Author

Yes, the models are rather high poly and for a reason. We currently don't have a texture artist. So I have been adding details in through the model to later be baked in to normal maps. Guess I should have said something about it in the post, but yeah, that's the reason why. As for the SIC-18 being large, like I said in the uploaded picture, The SIC only looks large, it's really shorter than the MAIR and about the same width if not smaller. So yeah, my bad on the view of the render.

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The MAIR-40 looks awesome.

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Very nice models. I like them alot. Especially good detail on the MAIR-40.

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