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New link and problems.

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Sorry for the late response, I've been a bit busy and nearly forget about this small mod.. :) As you have surely noticed, megaupload has been taken offline, and since (surprisingly) someone asked to reupload the game, im uploading it on mediafire right now. I'll post the link here when it's done. Again, i stopped working on this, and the game is still in the old version (1.19). It's just a bunch of maps and skins which resemble the resident evil universe, both games and movies; in fact, i just modified some cfg to make the zombies walk slower, and i made them a bit tougher to balance the difficulty. Also, the mod is meant to be played humans vs bot ai, where the ai controls the zombie team. Here comes another problem: i managed to remove the auto team balance, but the players have to configure manually the number of zombies in the other team, and when a round ends, the teams get automatically balanced (i dont know how to remove this) so the host has to hit the ESC button, click on bots, then on "remove all", and then fill again the terrorist (zombies) team, that's a bit annoying. :( Last thing, i'd be really happy if you'd like to continue this project, since i think it has a good base idea. I had some ideas which i couldn't add, for example levels, skills, special B.O.W. and bosses. If someone with good coding skills could add them, it would be awesome. Thank you for your patience, I'm still hosting the hamachi room, if someone would like to play some zombie survival :) Sorry again for the (really) late response, and don't take this mod too seriously, think of it as just a simple Resident Evil fangame. :)

LINK: Mediafire.com

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