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Soon changes in Beta v2 :
1 - Fxied intro map with invisible train

2 - Added clip for vehicle , because someone will be ride off a road and will be stuck .

3 - Added few NEW maps after a map with tower

4 - ( Maybe ) Fix biometer

5 - 50 % in intro map you can ride a car , or 50% you will be see REALLY intro from cameras .

6 - ( Maybe ) Added binoculars

7 - Added and fixed marathocab


new update will be at this week , or next week , or in may (IT'S NOT TRUE, read here ↓)

16.04.2021 p.s. : i found a programmer Pavel , and i with him will be REWRITING They hunger lost souls . Also the preliminary beta version V2 will be given to some popular Russian personalities , do not put them dislikes , I gave them the preliminary beta version v2 myself . I will do this to somehow draw attention to the game .

15.07.2021 : now They Hunger Lost Souls ReBuild going to the s&box !

29.08.2021 in September - November will be released v2 beta. After , I will go to s&box, and start porting this to s&box
30.11.2021 we are so sorry about this, but we must delay the release of the v2 beta until january 2022, I do this because I do not want to release a beta with too many bugs
but now there are future plans, v3 beta will be in May/July 2022 and this is the exact v3 beta release date
1 place where I can place sneak peak to v3 beta - vk.com/ths_rebuild .

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