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The general overview of Sonitus on the story background, basic mechanics and prototype

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Game Overview

This game is a first person adventure, puzzle game based the desolate earth after the darkness shrouded the light. The Seducer, a soulless conscience that floats throughout the galaxy, has arrived, and he has settled to feed on Earth. Humanity has lost all hope in the faces of this overwhelming darkness, but one man stands strong. His name is Justice Weatherbee, he is a proud member of the NBA, the National Butlers Association. As reformed drunkard he has nothing to lose, so he has decided to fight for his world. In order to save the human race he must completes trials and collects parts of 4 different keys to free humanity from its prison of eternal darkness. Each key is made of a different elements; the primordial elements are earth, air, fire, and water. In order to collect the keys you must complete 2 levels made of each element, and the final level you achieve equilibrium. These levels will test you abilities. Seducers will even try to kill you.scene1

Justice Wetherbee, was a highly pathetic human, having the most basic human characteristic and abilities. He can walk with his average stride and he can run a little when rested. You should not expect him to keep place with Connor in a race with Justice’s average pace of five miles per hour. Not only does he poses these great, but average, human attributes, but he can also jump over small obstacles. He is also able to die and sustain life when well nourished. The only special attribute of Justice is his ability, with your help, to collect resources and solve puzzles.

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W for forward; S for backwards; D for right; A for left; space bar for jump; C to collect; F to place.

Game Mechanics

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

The game consists of nine levels: 2 levels of each elements are earth, air, fire and water. The player will face many challenges that associates with elements in each level. The player is able to collect tools like titanium, torch, boat and oxygen inhaler which will help him to pass levels; he or she can get the key in order to access to the next level. The ninth level, which is the final adventure, will combine the previous elements, and player can access to a room by applying four keys that you obtained in previous levels. In the room, there will be two entries that lead to different endings, a happy ending and a sad ending. Happy ending is the player find the light and the game is over; sad ending is the player will be stuck in the endless dark road and ultimately could not avoid the attack from seducer.


It ends with seeing your character at the entrance to the level. In order to make a fully immersive game, sound will play an important role in understanding your surroundings. There will be times that it is too dark to see clearly and sound will alert you to your surroundings. For example, when a monster is approaching you or you are close to death the will be a high-pitched whistling sound that will alert the player of its impending doom. Additionally, as you approach objectives there will be rising orchestral music, this will act like a compass to help direct you when you are lost. This will double as background music once you are close to the objective that it helps you towards. We are creating an immersive game for the player that is mysterious and dark. The sound attributes of this game will submerse the player into a world of darkness and world of hope for a brighter future without the Seducer.


Since it is a puzzle game, the most important mechanics would be the transition from one level to the other level and application of the tools that player collects. It is necessary to successfully make the tool trigger the scene, and the most importantly, having a key to make a transition from a level to the other one. Creating the puzzles in the maze and making sure they are bug-free will be the most significant and hazardous part of the mechanics. It requires the the layout need to be rigorous and logical so that the player will not have bug issue. It is also important to consider whether we should contain ceiling or not.

That it is generally it for first update, next article will introduce the general art and environment of the prototype.

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