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Play as the Sophon, and use the revamped weapons (with dozens of new animations, projectiles, and sound effects) to fight for the Pilgrim cause! New music/backgrounds, and far more balanced and polished than Sonata 7.

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Note: Since a few people have had difficulties installing Sonata due to the way it was uploaded, I'm trying a different scheme. The download will contain Sonata7a.ftl and the readme; just drag the .ftl file into your mod directory and start GMM!


  • Added SOPHON_A: "Verne" (by DCChuckles)
  • Remixed the weapons load of unimplemented ships (have fun)
  • Added UE Frigate enemy
  • Added custom UE weapon sprites (all 16)
  • Added custom Sower/Sophon weapon sprites (some)
  • Added custom projectiles for all current weapons
  • Several new sound effects
  • Added 8 new music tracks
  • Tweaked Ranger mount points
  • Shrank mini ship icons to avoid overlapping border
  • Added several new drones & ion weapons
  • Added spiteful_crow's new UE Frigate sprite (currently unused)
  • Removed some lower-quality backgrounds and added replacements
  • Reshuffled sound tracks
  • Changed Engi/Mantis references to Automaton/Hissho
  • Event edits
  • Tweaks & balances
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