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New Great Dev Diary! And help us win the Indie of the Year Award on IndieDB, it's just one click :)

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Help us win the Indie Of The Year Award on IndieDB, it's just one click :)

  • IndieDB has its yearly IOTY Award (Indie of the Year Award) and you can vote for us right here on the game's main page by clicking the button!
  • Julian is back from Bilbao and he made some new friends at the HóPLAY Contest.
  • Creatures do not longer walk through each other. We implemented yet another creature collision detection and we think it's working pretty good this time.
  • We still can't get rid of headbanging when enabling dynamic looking direction (Sarahul's head should follow the player dynamically). It's pretty annoying. Anybody know of a solution?
  • New damage indicator for enemies. The more damaged the enemy the more it turns into sand.
  • New damage indicator for players. Players also turn into sand and the vision gets clouded the fewer hitpoints are left.
  • Players can pull objects out of the sand. This was not possible before. One first needed to use terraforming to completely reveal an object before picking it up with telekinesis. Now it can be pulled out. This also lays the foundation for the Noshrac Farm Simulator 2014 where you can plant and harvest carrots in a hostile environment. We think this could be a viable next project for us given the tremendous success such simulators have on the market. But instead of using tractors and trucks you would use telekinesis in a desert. This would be a truly novel gaming experience and genre mix. Fantasy farm simulation.
  • Releasing a fire blast on water creates steam. The steam clouds the vision of enemies, making it possible for the player to buy some time to prepare another attack or run away.
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