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This week we have new enemies to show, models, props to make the world feel more alive and game design challenges.

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This is what happened this week.

  • We’re on Steam Greenlight and as all of you here on IndieDB certainly know, getting upvoted is very important. Please vote for us if you haven’t already, thanks! Son of Nor on Steam Greenlight
  • We're constantly doing some random tweaks here and there on FX or animations. This week we were playing with the wind push effect. More particles, different colors... Not sure if this’ll stay, though. I liked the sand colored particles more. Did blend in better.
  • We're working on a new area. And we need enemies and props for that. Daniel created concepts for props that are going to be used in the Sarahul camp. And Sini already started to model them.
  • New enemy #1: A later area in the game will have a lost soul / ghost type enemy. Daniel created many different concepts and we drilled down to a shortlist. We show you the scribbles and the shortlist in the video.
  • We’re continuing the work on the Sarahul armor. We didn't finish it in time for Kickstarter. But Adrian picked up the task again and does a great job completing all the missing pieces.
  • Some game design challenges we’re facing: How do we prevent players from using telekinesis to build infinite stairs and leave the map? We're experimenting with different ideas. One of them is shown in our dev diary.
  • New enemy #2: Daniel created concepts and Adrian modeled the first Sarahul mage. It’s close to be being ready for animation.

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Pabo - - 179 comments

Objects that are hovering need a force applied over time, to counter gravity. This force is the telekinetic "magic pool"(/concentration?) of the player. Lifting an object too high, or keeping too many objects simultaneously in the air, quickly becomes more concentration-demanding than the player can provide. The magic pool's size indicates the telekinetic power of the player, and could vary between different characters, but there's a limit to how much a Son of Nor can do to outweigh the laws of physics.

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