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Julian will go a little bit personal and talk about our experience at Devmania! Also updates on how we are working on the player feedback side of things.

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This has been a long week! Or at least it feels like it! Julian is back for this week's dev diary and he gets a little bit more personal by sharing his experience at Devmania and what he has been working on to improve the way feedback can be provided for Son of Nor.

  • Bernd, Julian, Daniel and Tobi assisted at Devmania 2013. It was awesome! And they took pictures to show you guys. There was also a game jam in which the stillalive team participated in.
  • Phoenix is the game we created at Devmania! It's kind of a tower defense game where you are a phoenix that has to protect its egg. We'll wrap up some things and then post the link in one of the next dev diaries. Stay tuned!
  • Julian has finally implemented the magic charges mechanic to be able to store various magic abilities at the same time. The crystals that hold the charges are still to be implemented, but yay! We can now wreak more havoc without being interrupted!
  • Comfort features: A small little detail Julian implemented is a mechanic that allows the game to be smoother and less bothersome.
  • Feedback feedback feedback. This is super important! Being able to provide it easily is as important. The last tool we used was too complicated and had too many features we actually didn't need. Now do check the new feedback tool Julian worked on the whole weekend to make everyone's lifes easier. Ours and yours as soon as you lay your hands on our new builds!
  • Don't forget to join our forums and participate during the creation of our game! we take everything into account!

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