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Post news RSS Son of Nor Dev Diary #43 - Run to the beacon!

This week watch Julian giving you a walkthrough through our polished mostly finished Sarahul Camp Map. Enjoy!

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Preview time!

  • We super close to finishing a playable demo for gamescom in Cologne next week: The fire temple camp.
  • We have most enemies, props, AI, effects, sounds, music in there. You begin to feel how the game will be - it's so awesome when everything comes together :)
  • We added dozens and dozens of new things and made tons of fixes to the level.
  • Julian shows you the highlights, plays through and cuts together the best parts.
  • This level will be available to all people who pledged for the "Fire Temple Camp Addon" on Kickstarter
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum: Forum.sonofnor.com
  • And please vote for us on Steam Greenlight! It's very important to us!


To be honest... I almost misread it as "Run to the bacon!" when I first saw it. :>

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We love bacons.

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RicardoValenzuela Author

LOl that was actually one of the jokes we were telling around before posting the video

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Ok everyone who read it as bacon rise your hand .o/

Gameplay looks beautiful and swift, you're almost at the AAA level and you probably know it. I voted for Greenlight and I hope everyone else does as well.

Little things to improve on are run animation/movement syncing (the character seems to do lighter walk/jog before running but actual movement speed is constant from the start?) and perhaps the game world would need a bit more props (visually) although the large sand areas also serve a purpose because of you unique gameplay aspect :)

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Thanks for the input shadowflar3! Yes, the sand as one of the main gameplay aspects is held quite clean on purpose for now. We try to compensate with details in other areas of the map and with sound. Other than that this is one aspect of our look and our game. Bigger sand areas. But we heard your comment.


And yep, you're absolutely right. Animation is still the area we're most fighting with. It's very hard. Keep your fingers crossed.


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