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More behind-the-scenes news from the development of our upcoming Monastery Brewery tycoon!

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Happy to report Ale Abbey's development is progressing swiftly while making great strides on multiple fronts.

We are still holding back on some news... for example, you know, we're making a game and haven't shown you any musical scores yet, but until we get there let us share what we've worked on during yet another busy week. This time it's new room-specific Monk animations, upgrades to tools/equipment, and some additions to the UI.

Also... if you happen to be reading this from across the pond, Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy ;)

-- Let sleepy Monks sleep!

Almost done with the Dormitory, our artists, Raimo and Francesco, started animating the Monastery's characters for more room-specific actions. Following the same steps as with the other rooms, there is still some work that needs to be done before the Dormitory itself is complete, like lighting and coloring for mood, but having the animations nailed definitely lifts a lot of weight off our shoulders.

For the time being, the animation work focused on the "main" activity to take place in the Dormitory... and the results are great. Still WIP, but here are some Monks enjoying sleeping in ;)

Nun1 SleepingBed

-- Tools and Upgrades

We are also working on the tools and equipment that Ale Abbey's happy inhabitants will be using in their day to day. A number of these tools/equipment will be upgradeable up to 2 additional times (Level 3 being the highest possible).

We aim to make these upgrades visually implicit and recognizable as well as easy on the eyes. One great example is the brewing kettle our Monks and Nuns will use to make that fine beer. For now, you can see the difference between its first iteration and the subsequent upgrade to its 2nd Level.

-- UI - Seasonal Prices & Quality Visualization

We also put a little more work into the UI, this time incorporating more of the game's mechanics, like for example the seasonal prices of raw materials, due to seasonal availability. We aim to show such information to make it easier for the player to plan their course of action ahead of time, for the sake of their Monastery's efficiency.

Emiliano is also working out an idea for making a better visual representation of a resulting brew. A foaming glass next to your brew's information that you can look at and be proud of, but that can also immediately show some quality elements of the outcome (brew color, beer head, etc.).

And since that foam looks absolutely tasty...

-- Beer Foam, what's good about that!?

Of course, an answer to this would have a lot to do with the beer you're enjoying and its style... Having said that, there are a couple of things one can say about the foam of a beer.

First of all, there are many variables that affect the amount of foam that will form in your glass. The temperature of your beer and glass, the speed and angle of pouring it, the style of the beer... even the crevices in the glass itself can make a difference in how your foam forms and how long it lasts! All of these variables then take a step back as the environment, gravity, and the way we enjoy beer slowly bring the foam back to its former self.

And as to what the foam can do for you:

  • if served right, it makes your beer look alive and definitely more appealing
  • is a good indication of the beer's carbonation and alcohol content (a higher alcohol % is claimed to create more foam)
  • carries an intended texture for the palette of the avid enjoyer
  • allows for different aromas to develop as it reacts with the outside world more than its liquid counterpart
  • creates a protective film so that your beer's carbonation and aroma last longer

Thank you for your time and enjoy your weekend responsibly! See you next week ;)

-- Hammer & Ravens

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