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A story belongs to every good game, not only because it offers a depth for fans, but also because it puts the separate assets into an understandable order. In this article you will find out in which direction Cybertronic goes and why.

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The basic story:

In 2150, humanity knows that they are not alone in the universe, but they regret to have explored so much of the universe. Their technological advances and curiosity involved them in a long lasting intergalactic war between various extraterrestrial races. Some of the races see a threat in humanity and want to exterminate them. Now the Earth Alliance is organizing zero-gravity tournaments to recruit and train soldiers to prepare them as soon as possible for the upcoming battles. The aim of the training is to infiltrate large spaceships or stations and to sabotage or destroy them from within.

Concept Life on earth

Twilight city on earth. Concept by Christian Köhn

Why this story?

Well, except that it might be interesting as the story continues, there are economic and developmental reasons.

We are a young online community called the Redhead Game Society. It is easier and more authentic to create the game based on a story. We leave bloody effects first, at least in-game. Basically, Cybertornic is a simulation in a game. These tournaments organized by the Earth alliance can be imagined as a military high-tech Sci-Fi Lasertag match. When designing the assets, we pay attention to being as authentic as possible, at least in the context of science fiction genres. The weapons are not deadly. If the player loses all his life points, the player is teleported from the arena (which also explains the respawn-mechanic believably). We still take into account that there might be deadly variations. We use Active Ragdoll when a player is hit, and also ragdoll when an object hits the player at an excessive speed and hits him unconsciously. His space suit contains medical measures to regenerate and revive him.
Our Redhead Community has been founded in Germany. In Germany one has relatively strict guidelines concerning the age classification in order to be able to show the project at public events, for example at conventions. We also want to encourage younger players world wide for our project and thus expand our target group.

Concept battle rubbleBattle rubble. Concept by Christian Köhn

Battleship LevelBattleship wrack outer shell - first concept.

There is also a story about the first arena "BattleShip Wreck" with a certain sequence which we always keep in the back of the head when we build it.
It was a patrol ship named "Defender", which has successfully protected a civilian transport ship from an extraterrestrial attack. The damage of the battleship was too great and too much effort was needed to repair it. Therefore the Earth Alliance uses the appropriate opportunity to use the battleship as an arena.

Concept Flying In SpaceFlying in space. Concept by Christian Köhn

rickAn idea for a main Character by Anton Spionjak

Name: Rick da Silva
Race: Human of the Earh-Alliance
Age: 28
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Ranked: Former Lieutenant of the United Forces.
current job: Gladiator.

Cybertronic Hero Title02The humility of a space soldier. An older concept by Anton Spionjak.

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