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Let me talk about some of the new features you will find in v0.2 of Beltham's Lair: visual effects, new contents and the most cerebral issue for roguelikes: save game!

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v0.2 will be a very huge improvement of what seen in 0.1

Classic ascii roguelikes give very little space to visual effects, but BL, while keeping the ascii flavour, is still a 3D game, and so I've sticked myself to implement some special effect, like torches and spells effects (atm).

As soon as I folgored my first rat with a shocking grasp, with an azure lighting flashing the screen, I realized the difference of satisfaction between that and a sad line of text in the console. So I choosed this will be the way from now. Hope you like.

Anyway, the big change will be the dreaded save game feature. Why dreaded? Well, roguelikes defenders love permadeath, and saving is perceived like a sort of "cheating". But I don't want to cheat, while I don't want a strict permadeath neither.

In BL you cannot save at any time, you cannot save at all, to be honest. Every time you reach a new level, game is saved with your current state and the level and theme of the new dungeon. Simple enough. So you cannot, for example, save before a tough fight or dancing between save/load/load/load until you find that item or something else. You play your game, dot. If you are able enough to finish the level, next time you have the chance to start from the new level, at the beginning (and it will be generated randomly as usual, no seed kept, only the theme).

After a bit of thoughts, i found this way the better for BL, because it allow both the "casual" gaming of 15-20 minutes per session (with the hope to end the game sooner or later) that the hardcore one.

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