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A couple awesome people have made reaction videos, let's plays, and video reviews of PUPPET! This is so cool! I will post articles like this every once in a while, highlighting these players.

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PUPPET has received its first few game reviews and lets plays! This is very exciting, when I first posted the game, I never thought it would get the level of attention it has. Every once in a while, when I find a new play-through of the game, I will post a link in the news section, giving the video-makers some publicity.

So here they are so far!

First, we have "Not Good At Lieing"
He made a quick review of PUPPET 1.0 for Windows, which can be seen here:

Next, I found "DavesGames"
Dave here has finished a whole "Let's Play" of PUPPET 1.0S for Macintosh. The first video in the series is here:


And another by "RaedwulfGamer"
This is an edited play-through of the whole game:

Then, we have "Soldier Boom"
This is a compilation of some very good scares WITHOUT THE FLASHLIGHT:

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