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In the past few months we added some new features, and updated old ones.

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The biggest feature is the terraforming system, wich got updated and improved with every update now. It's completely working at this point at stable 60 FPS without any frame drops.

After this was done, items and containers got added, with an easy drag and drop mechanic for container to container, inventory to ground, container to ground and container to inventory transport.

Then the UI recieved a general rework update, wich added item stacks and other UI related features like tooltips. At the same time I was working on the building system for houses.

When the building system was done, there was the question why you should build a house? Simple answer: bad weather. So a weather and time system got added.

Since the default grass system was looking really weird in storms, I made a custom grass system that solved a couple of problems and that is ready for some planned future features like flowers or mushrooms.

We did some background work too. The server performs a lot better now, the forum and game servers got linked for multi-server support with a single user account and a game launcher was created, so we can make the test server public once that point is reached.

I really wish I did more on this in the past 6 months, but thats some good progress already at all.

We are still looking for testers and people who want to help out, in what ever way they can. If you are interested in testing or helping out somehow, please send me an e-mail or contact me on skype.

Website: StonefallGame.com

E-Mail: info@StonefallGame.com

Skype: Armynator98

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