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We just added some new images of the first Alpha which will include one or two features we was not going to add unto now. We also would love to thank HonorOfStyle, Zajed and Semaphore for letting us use some of there music for the game, now Hero, Knight will sound awesome :).

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Hello everyone

We just added some new images of the first Alpha we are going to release on the 5th (This Saturday), the game will include one or two features that we was not going to implant unto later on in the game.

These features are letting you choose your own name and the quest journal, though as Alpha one will be our first Alpha these features may be buggy.

Ofcourse these are not only going to be the only features in Alpha 0.0.1 (Release 1) there will be the Shop and inventory system. There will also be an Auto save system as well of the normal user save system.

We would also like to thank the following people for letting us use there music for our game, now the game will sound awesome.

HonorOfStyle: Honorofstyle.newgrounds.com
Semaphore: Semaphore.newgrounds.com
Zajed: Zajed.newgrounds.com

Gnat's Studio Team

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