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Ionization's plot details, list of arms and levels.

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I want to public some new details about my project.
Genre: First Person Shooter/Adventure Thriller
Player should explore game world, collect notes and documents, defend from stray animals and some unreal things. There will be 6 arms:
PM (Makarov pistol)
APS (Stechkin automatic pistol)
PP-9 "Klin" (submachine gun)
AK-74 (Kalashnikov assault rifle)
SVU (Degtyarev short sniper rifle)
Now i am working at maps. There will be 8 locations:
"Saturn" plant
Destroyed suburb
Vaults/Collectors #1
Abandoned city
Vaults/Collectors #2
Radioengineering complex
Underground railroad
I am trying to make a focus on the atmosphere. That's all for today, thank you for attention, stay with us.

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