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some ideas i'm speculating about including.... In the game of course :P...

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so yea fans of all countries and ages...

so i haven't been able to do much recently as i have began to volunteer at a animal rescue centre and was busy for my mock drama exam... but now i'm back and i'm trying my best to do stuff for the project for the next week but my actual drama exam is in three weeks or two weeks not too sure...

so i'm beginning to make some concept ideas:

obviously, i am planning on a evil team, but i need to explain another idea first. some of the islands in the sevii islands praise legendaries... so the main one is one island that praises moltres as it physically. there's also three other islands that i'm not sure which one praises which, praise the other native legendaries of the sevii islands. that is lugia, ho-oh and deoxys. so the evil team will be based most likely be based in the island that praises deoxys maybe on the actual island or a floating base or an underwater base i am not too sure yet... i have got a concept name which is team Aurora based of the ticket you need to get to birth island to get deoxys which is the Aurora ticket...

another idea that i will more than definitely include is a gym system. each island except the special islands has a gym and one island has the Sevii league (Pokemon league).

the third idea is a simple idea but some reasoning behind it. a new pokeball design. i will be improvoing the pokeball basic design, as well as keeping older pokeball types and adding improved ones of other pokeballs i don't like and i want to change. i do want to add 'special balls' pokeballs that are dedicated to certain pokemon types. i will probably have a npc that will take either ultra or a better ball combined with a item or evolutionary stone dedicated to the type. the main reason i want to redesign the pokeballs as the sevii islands i feel is like an independent series of islands and want to be individual, meaning their pokemon trainer rules are different... the idea i want to import is a pokemon trainer 'difficulty' i will maybe have a harder game option, but this either adds or blocks slots for more or less pokemon. their will probably be three or four options. the option will be easy: 8 pokeball slots, normal: 6 pokemon slots, hard: 4 pokemon slots. the fourth option will probably be a option after the main game that allows a custom amount of slots... maybe a one slot challenge? or 100 slot challenge ^_^ dunno depends on how hard that it too do :P. i will work on a new pokeball design for the default pokeball to see what you guys think.

that's all for now :P

P.S. if you have any concerns or worries. maybe you want a chat or want to help me and my team? talk to me on skype :P my username is >> Wolf-Tube with the pokemon Izu Bonin logo :P not the male character thats an account i need to delete or the wolftube account with like a arrow image? not sure but it is not me.


Ideas are good but ideas are far...if you don't start walking. xD

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by praises you meant like worship? I know that even the regular series are embedded with such a theme, but wouldn't it be better to avoid it, because I believe it actually meant to depict glorifying idol(s). Just my two cents.

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ArchyArcanine Author

yes i do mean worship sorry ^_^, maybe avoiding it would be better but the idea is just each island worships one legendary and if you happened to have seen it or have it, the island would have more respect for you and the worshipping aspect is not as big except for the island that worships deoxys.

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