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Rendering has changed and new video coming soon to reflect the changes. Old video will probably be removed once updated as it no longer reflects how it looks.

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Since the gameplay video, some rendering, shading and lighting has changed, and the video no longer reflects the look of the game. A new video will be coming soon with the NEW look of the game.

After some feedback on the 'anime-ish' shading of the characters, the majority of people disliked it and liked the semi - realistic one. So as of now the game is taking a bit of a shift in shading and lighting.

The original 80s inspired look and neon lights, etc. will remain unchanged as it is a part of the style of the game.

Gameplay wise: No major changes.

Demo when?

I am working on the prologue part of the game now. Once the first intro scene is finished and polished I will release a demo version. I am making the intro scene to include ALL the features that will be available in the full game and to show the player what exactly they can expect going forward (well up to a limit without giving everything at the start of course ;).

New video with gameplay and rendering changes coming soon.

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