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SOMA Hard Mode is now discontinued indefinitely, and I talk about my own journey in this modding scene for four years.

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This mod is now discontinued indefinitely, I have moved on from the SOMA modding community to pursue the creation of my music and multi-media efforts. After three directly inspired songs, an album based on my experiences with this modding community and two unsuccessful modding ideas I have at least one mod to show for it.

This mod has been played and enjoyed from people I've never met and likely will not meet but this four years of experience has thought me valuable skills in communication, artistic design, music and sound design as well as collaboration and for that I am forever grateful to the people who played this mod, gave feedback and overall helped with the (now uncontinued) plans I had for this mod. Thanks to The Dreamer for the inspiration for this mod, Jonasbridgous for some pretty great ideas that were actively developed on. Special thanks to the Youtubers who played this thing including: RamanLlama who played through the entire thing and was thoroughly entertaining throughout every video and AmnesiaPuzzles for making some extremely in-depth videos in relation to the mod and feedback related to it. Special ♥♥♥♥ Yous to everyone's favorite moderators over at the dusty ol' fossil, Frictional Games Forums: enjoy your empire of dirt in GhostTown Central you hack frauds! As well as the only decent coder up and leaving and taking down the modding scene with him (which will never not be funny).

If you wish to listen to my music, you can look up 'Tumor Tuner' on various music streaming services, including listening to the songs that I made inspired by SOMA: "Munshinised" is my personal favorite by far, as well as the album "Moderation Is Key" directly about the hack frauds mentioned above. If this is my personal goodbye to my first community I guess I'll just say that people like TiMan, The Dreamer, Slanderous, Draugemalf, AlexFalls and others I have lost to the sandbanks of my memories, you're all good blokes who I wish the best and some serious good luck with your remaining mod projects: trust me when I say that the things I've been involved with are pretty ambitious and it would be a shame if everyone acted like me and gave up these amazing gifts.

Slán leat! :munshi_content:


It's sad to see the mod is being discontinued. It was an insanely good add-on for a game like SOMA and I'll always remember how much fun I had playing it, and how much of replay value it added.

Have fun with your ongoing projects, and best of luck in achieving your current goals!

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