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Check out this top-down sci-fi fantasy shooter with strategy, building and resource management! Colonize, build stations and recruit allies as you fly your ship through limbo!

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In Solar Scion you collect resources to build up your planets, stations and AI-controlled ships while exploring the campaign map. Capture control points, produce and trade power-ups, upgrade your allies and unlock new abilities as you recover your lost power. Will you use diplomacy or devastation? Choose your destiny!

• Build space stations & AI ships •
8+ ships that harvest, build, collect, deliver, patrol, attack & more!
4+ buildings that let you store and sell power-ups, exchange resources, or upgrade!


• Make & sell power-ups •
Craft buffs & upgrades that boost speed, fuel, damage, armor & more! Don't forget health packs!
Build a storehouse to protect & trade, or sell them to ships!


• Upgrade planets & ships •
Ship weapons & armor! --FrEeZe LaSeRs--
Boost population growth with medicine, cloning, education & more!
This is only the beginning!


• Capture control points •
Bring ships, resources or power-ups to a control point to capture it! This unlocks bonuses or can even give you a diplomatic victory!


• Harvest & trade resources •
5 colors, gold & crew buy different ships, buildings & upgrades! Knock them off asteroids and pull them in, or let your ships do the work!


• Beware dangerous nebulas •
- Green: eats away at your ship!
- Red: take double damage!
- More soon!
Push enemies in for an advantage or Harvest for health packs!


• Quest to return to life! •
Soul fragments scattered, they have their own plans for your essence! Make peace with your past, or blow it up! What manner of Solar Scion are you?



Which features sound most exciting to you?

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