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Hi guys,SnowFight has improved a lot during these weeks and we decided it's time to start building our community, be part of it :D facebook.com/SnowFight

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If you want to support a game you can do lot of things, like donating, joining the team, and other stuff, but for me one of the best things you can do is to follow us on facebook, it really means a lot for us,and will pay our effort, that no one is paying at the moment. We will also randomly select one of you to play and test the game with us, don't lose this opportunity.

Follow us now Facebook.com

New Team

Thanks to sites like newground,and teamups we created a wonderfull team to make this game as good as possible.

Since the foundation of this new team (2 weeks ago) we did a graphic restyling, improving all the previous models and optimizing them with LODs

There it is some of the speed art made by one of our great artist Sipho Mateke

Speed Art Videos


Snow Blizzard

Fire Place to regenerate heat point


Lobby UI

Matchmaking system

Team Subdivision


Map Loading notification

Realistic Jump/ Physic

Srafe Camera glitch

Level Sync(when player connect after the MasterClient started the game)

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