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For Garcy: Not an in game screenshot. For everyone else: An in game screenshot!

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For Garcy: Not an in game screenshot.
For everyone else: An in game screenshot!

So Garcy and I have been working pretty hard on non visual stuff lately, yeah the boring stuff. But in doing so we're able to put together some rather good looking stuff! So in other words, here's something you shouldn't be seeing so early, but are gonna anyways!
Remember these things though. Afew weeks ago this was a small black background with no HUD or planets or ships with shields that can shoot and fly and glide. (Whoops I've said too much)

Ps. This is pre-pre-pre alpha footage
Pps. There should be another pre- in the above title

Normy! :D

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I've gotta say, I'm never quite sure whether I can believe you or not. ;) Great to see the progress though! I really like the art style for the most part, although maybe in later versions just make sure the planets don't look too flat (especially the top one). I'm excited to hear more!

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Thanks SemiMono!

Hahaha yeh Normy is quite the joker, which is really good because when i get annoyed at my code, he does his best to keep me calm :P

We will definatly do out best to fix and improve as we go along. Since it is early development nothing is definate so it should only get better and better from here.

Thanks for showing interest mate, i hope all is well with you!


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Normy1993 Author

Whoopsie, I missed this comment! I appreciate the feed back, I've been working quite hard on the art style ever since I joined 'These Blokes' and started work with Garcy. I do understand that they look a bit flat but I am working on them. Luckily for you that sole planet you spoke about has been scrapped, and was scrapped from the beginning. We just needed some fill in content to continue progress.

I'll try my best to get some more progress posts out there for you my friend! Take care, thanks again for watching out for our progress. I will try harder next time to not miss your comment ahaha :)

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