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Here is a sneak peek at the procedural temple generation in the jungle areas.

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As I was working on the jungle biome, I ran across an early "temple" set up that I had started when I was working on the terrain tiles for the jungle. I really like how the jungle temple looks so far and even though I won't be working on temples and dungeons for a little bit, I thought that I would show a little sneak peak.

In addition to the standard "biomes" or environments in Adventure Craft there will also be Temples and Dungeons for players to explore. Dungeons will be underground, procedurally generated, maze like areas full of very dangerous monsters, deadly traps, and riches! The area around the entrance to a dungeon will be designated as a temple. When the player finds a temple, they will need to search the temple area for the entrance to the dungeon and potentially fight off any guardians protecting the entrance so that they may enter! Here's an image of the current dungeon entrance in a jungle temple. Spooky.

Here are some examples of the "jungle temple generation" at the moment. I generated the biome block 3 times and here are the results that the engine is giving with my current value set up. Is it just me or does the third one look like a monkey's head? The jungle temples all currently have a body of water in or through them which I really like. I will probably spawn some special aquatic monsters in these temple ponds.

After generating the terrain for the temple I then generate the objects that will populate the area. Here are a couple of images that show the temple with and without objects. I haven't tweaked the count of the objects in this example which is why it looks so dense. A few people have asked about how cluttered the biomes will be with objects, so I just wanted to mention that I am continuously adjusting object counts in the biomes as I go along for the final game to make sure that the biome looks good.

So that's it for this sneak peek at temples and dungeons. I'll post more about them when development of the game becomes focused on these areas! Thanks for reading!

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Looking cool. I like the ponds.

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