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The game is now available for testing, full feature list and some explanation.

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What means a snapshot
It means a weekly unofficial release, which you can download.
It is not a full update so it has tons of bugs.

What describes a numbers?
Example: Snapshot 22v1
22 - Day
v1 - Version number
I did not specify month or year, because the version is already shown.

Where to download
At the moment, login/register/fetch update systems are broken and in development. For your own sake, do not use these features or i have no idea what they may cause. Broken game, or absolute System 32 removal (Just kidding.. But it can happen! Maybe.), so don't risk. The game download is available in downloads section.

- "Y u no remove it?"
- "I keep backups and i wan't to keep updates going faster, so i don't wan't to go reconstructing room chain."

Okay, a snapshot, but whats new?
Absolutely almost all Major Update 0,7 features, because i thought this question may happen, here's a whole list - (35 new features/changes & counting!)
• Changed textures of the game
• New Choco format
• Changed Menu and UI
• Changed the maps
• Changed inventory look
• Overall improvements
• New intergration
• Some objects can now be rotated using arm
• Added tutorial
• Replaced Kickboots with Land Vehicle
• Changed HUD
• Replaced smoke effect with less laggy.
• Improved enemy AI
• Player now explodes upon touching the Mine
• Changed game icon
• Changed game logo
• W A S D controls
• Split Gravity Tesla into Gravity Tesla and Remover tools
+ Added ability to change game textures
+ Improved game graphics
+ Added object Pipe
+ Added vehicle Land Vehicle
+ Added vehicle Flying Saucer
+ Added creature Kangaroo
+ Added ability to change background by key F1
+ Added object Machinima Block accessed by key M
+ Added game launcher
+ Added online services (WIP)
+ Added Auto Updater (WIP)
+ Added ability to save and load maps
+ Added tool Remote Controller
+ Added tool Remover
- Removed sub menus
- Removed item spawner
- Removed lag
- Removed around 321 bug
- Removed wobbly mouse

When is the next snapshot coming out?
The snapshots are supposed to come out every time i add new features, so there is no specified date and time, a new snapshot may pop up every hour or maybe in a week. I've got a really busy days, busy how? Well, i had a lot to study and caught flu, and eventually allowed myself 3 days of rest in which i intensively developed Pixelo. I've got tons of new projects developed ahead, i will work on my other projects for this week and upload the next snapshot in upcoming weeks. Please also note that i am the only developer of the game at the moment, why? I've got a studio "Rebbit Studio", which has some developers, but the source code is too, ahem, (excuse bad language) fucked up. It's too messy for a whole team to work, so it's my little encrypted project :3

Upcoming features?
I don't plan things. I do things.
Let's keep this a secret.

Got any more questions? Comment below and help me improve the game. You can also take a survey if you are lazy to comment/register -

Have fun, and enjoy!
Love, Dev ♥

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