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new w.i.p. inventory system ,first mineable ore veins ,alot of minor tweaks/fixes done to gui and gameplay , roadmap for this year

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Alot have happend for the past months ,and a summary may be helpful here :

- New programmer , a dear friend of mine , is considering joining the project to help with coding various things in Inscribe

- I started looking for 3d graphics designer , and already have one person who is willing to contribute to the game on a "hobbyst" approach

- In the future , when the project develops further to a more playable state i will launch an indiegogo campaign to get more money for faster development and deployment of new features

As of the game itself , heres whats been going on :

- 2 new resources implemented : iron ore and coal veins which are mineable and will be crucial for the game crafting

- whole server and client side backbone for inventory system is done

- new custom gui with some placeholders for different aspects of game like crafting , equipment , invention etc.

Here is whats in plans next:

1. New harvestable objects (clay deposit , mushrooms , water)
2. crafting of forges , workshops
3. weapons, armors ,tools
4. skill system
5. couple new monsters
6. reinforcing cave walls and placing doors with locks
7. Open PVP with full loot , but with consequences

Stay tuned this year will be exciting !


I will test if you want me to

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