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Small update that improves AI and fixes some power issues with ranged characters.

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Small Update v1.40

This update focused on two things AI fixes and ranged character fixes.

The origin for characters have been moved so they have a better chance of finding targets. I also widened their active range, so if you see them they will likely give chase.

Ranged characters can no longer damage Barracks, don't cause hit animations, and now stop on hitting any other object. This should bring the power level of ranged characters down quite a bit.

Modified range for Blue Bird, Fox Tracker, and Gila Monster.
Ranged attacks not effective vs Barracks.
Ranged attacks stop on hit.
Ranged attacks don't cause a hit animation.
A few tutorial tweaks.
Fixed Fencing Woodpecker.
Opened up AI range check.
Enemies don't slow so much when nearing for combat.

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