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Nice man - you made your dream game! Congratulations on the release of the trailer.

The game is a bit "down to the bone" at the moment. What made these slot races great where all the stuff you could do, for example:

- put up a track in the living room, using chairs and table as obstacle. Room environments defined the shape of the track.

- tons of things to buy that your parents never wanted to pay for: additional cars, spectator booth, time clock/round counter, banners/flags, looping and elevated curve, jumps

The greatest tricks, of course, where when you could throw someone off the track by slamming your car into him during a curve. Of course that would cost you your car more often than not, and he'd just go on driving. I see these manoeuvers are possible, maybe there is a way to show 2 player action in the next trailer(s).

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Kjow Author

Hi SinKing,
Thank you!

Backgrounds objects and scene/track elements are in roadmap for future upgrades, but after "official" release, such as online multiplayer and later more than 2 slot.
Speed of releases will depend a lot by response from the public.

About local multiplayer you can have a little preview into the previous trailer at 1:08 ( Indiedb.com ), anyway I will give more focus in the next trailer.

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