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A quick update at the start of the week has been released to fix the very annoying sliding bug on ships.

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The bug that sends you sliding around your ship at very far distances from spawn has been fixed. The bug although was not show stopping was very annoying to many of you. So I thought I'd get the fix out as soon as possible. The update also comes with some extra features that have been implemented since last fridays update. The main one being holding shift(default) will prevent you falling off ledges when building out platforms and ledges.

The update will take a little time to verify through desura so you can download it here:

Anyone with a 0.114 client can also click the Update button at the top of the login screen and have it auto-update.

Heres the change log:

Sliding Hot Fix + Early Update 2
Client Changelog 0.115

  • You can now unbind from Spawn stones by right clicking them again after binding to them.
  • Changed update text to be more clear for new updater.
  • Re-added death boon to keep you on your spawn while loading
  • Blue Lanterns now have their own texture.
  • You can now turn lanterns on and off with right click.
  • You now press default shift to not fall off edges(if you’re not hardcore).
  • Base ships are now much smaller and the longest side is always the back.


  • Changed Hard Glass to use 8 sand and molten rock.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sliding bug.
  • Fixed teleporting on chunk/ship being destroyed.
  • Fixed sculpted items not being removed when player logs out.

Server Changelog 0.118

  • No longer records chunk fetches in log.
  • Now logs corrupted chunks.
  • Changed chunk reading to correctly mark corrupted chunks to avoid the ‘jumping’ bug on them.
  • Optimized cannons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where ship spawns were being re-issued IDs.
  • Fixed multiple death messages.
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